5 Days of Fasting Starts Tomorrow

It’s time to fast, get on our knees in prayer, and ask God for great things in 2019! Tomorrow marks the final stretch of our ‘Living for the Future: 40 Days of Prayer’ campaign and the beginning of our church-wide fast. We invite everyone to join us in abstaining from food during daylight hours for five days, whether you attend The Well, keep up with us online, or just love Jesus and want to see the gospel spread far and wide in through our church. By fasting we express our hunger for Jesus and remember our utter reliance on Him.

Our five days of fasting will run from tomorrow, January 1st, through sundown on Saturday, January 5th. We encourage alternative disciplines for those who cannot forego food for health purposes—e.g. abstaining from television, Facebook, or a hobby, and focusing that time on Jesus instead.

On January 6th, we will gather as a family to worship Jesus like we do each Sunday and directly following service we will celebrate together with a church-wide social at The Cove.  If you do not attend The Well, and have been fasting and praying alongside us, we encourage you to have a celebratory meal of thanksgiving and rejoicing with those around you.

For more information on what fasting is, why we fast, and how to fast safely, visit: thewellsa.org/fasting