We’ve started a new series on the book of Malachi entitled, ‘Malachi: Living for the Future’. The very first verse of the book says, “The oracle of the word of the Lord to Israel.” This is marvelous news; the God of the Bible speaks! It is one of our greatest privileges as His children to hear from Him through this word, and have access to Him through Jesus Christ to communicate back to Him. We call this prayer. Prayer is an opportunity and privilege to speak in personal relationship to the God of the Bible.

As part of The Well Community Church, we invite you to join us in boldly praying—to petition our good and mighty God purposefully and daily—that doors would be opened for us to tell more people about Jesus in 2019. Today we are officially launching Living for the Future Through Prayer, a church-wide 40-day prayer initiative! Please join us and share this with others, inviting them to join in what God is doing at The Well through prayer. 

These are the specific initiatives for prayer that will be highlighted during this intentional time:

  • The Well evening service in Southtown 

  • More laborers and resources for gospel ministry at UTSA

  • Doors to continue to open for church planting in the Middle East through The Well

  • Our Mercy & Justice ministry would expand and flourish 

  • For healing and strength for the many in our church and their families who are fighting sickness and disease. 

  • For many people to meet and love Jesus next year as we walk through our 42 week sermon series on the Gospel of John. 

You can find more about these initiatives by keeping up with our blog or by visiting thewellsa.org/future 

In addition, during these 40 days we are praying for $30,000 over and above our regular tithes and offerings to help jump start these endeavors in 2019. We believe Jesus has given the vision, so we trust that He will graciously provide the means to accomplish it through His people. If the Holy Spirit leads you to give during these focused days of prayer, please visit thewellsa.org/give