A few weeks ago we posted a blog entitled Sunday Is War. The big take away was that when we gather on Sunday it’s not a social gathering, a therapy group, or a place for entertainment.  Sunday is the day King Jesus’ kids gather to worship corporately.  Sunday worship provides a corporate opportunity to expose and uproot our other loves and conform them to Jesus’ loves. This blog is an attempt to help us get the most out of Sunday. 


The best way to prepare for worshiping Jesus with his people on Sunday is to worship Jesus throughout the week. It’s important to understand that worship is not something that only happens on Sunday, but in fact humans were made worshiping. The question isn't if we worship, but who/what do we worship. D.A. Carson has said, “We cannot imagine that the church gathers for worship on Sunday morning if by this we mean that we then engage in something that we have not been engaging in the rest of the week.” New-Covenant worship terminology prescribes constant ‘worship.’ Sundays are no different.


Now, there are some practical things you can do to help prepare you for worship on Sunday but it takes planning. Humans are not just intellectual beings but we are also often formed through purposeful routine. Everyone plans their morning the night before, even if they plan to just “go with the flow’ upon waking up. Everyone has a routine, so on Sunday develop a purposeful one that will prepare your heart and mind to worship Jesus with his people. 


If you know the passage of scripture that is being taught on prepare by reading and thinking upon it throughout the week. Thinking upon the passage provides fertile soil on Sunday morning. Take time the night before to pray though every element of Sunday worship.  Pray for yourself, family, and all those who will gather. Pray this again on Sunday when you wake up. 


Don’t be a consumer, instead, participate. A consumer will only participate if things are going their way. If they like the music they sing, or if they like the person preaching, they listen. Consumers are not worshiping Jesus, they are worshiping themselves. The real fruit God intends his children to enjoy is reserved for those who participate. So, when you arrive at church, intentionally participate in all the elements of worship on Sunday so that when the Bible is preached, songs are sung, prayers are prayed, communion shared, community enjoyed, and our first-fruits are given, you are reminded and empowered for the purpose you’ve gathered — to worship Jesus!